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Amazing Myofascial Work! The real deal!

“Jacob is a highly skilled  body worker who can also work well with emotions if they arise. His sessions have helped me to have better posture, more bodily sensation, and increased freedom and joy of movement.”

Jacob is a dedicated, uniquely skilled, talented therapist. I did the 10 Series with him and experienced it to be highly beneficial. Since the Series I have found greater ease, flexibility, improved alignment, body lengthening and a wonderful sense of openness. I have and will continue to recommend Jacob as one of our best practitioners in Eugene, Oregon.

“I was extremely impressed by the massage, service, and professionalism of Jacob. His studio is nice and quiet with great atmosphere. His ability to find and target areas of fatigue and soreness was amazing. I would definitely recommend Jacob to anyone looking for a very therapeutic massage.”

I felt like a new man when I left. My shoulders worked again and all my pains were gone…still are 6 weeks later.

Jacob’s knowledge, skill, technique and ability to listen to and work with my feedback resulted in a significant reduction in pain and muscle tension. His respect and compassion are evident in all aspects of communication and contact from the moment you walk into his office until you depart. I highly recommend Jacob!

“It was a pleasure to have Jacob working in the clinic. He is very good at what he does. The patients that saw Jacob had much better responses to our chiropractic treatments. I would refer anyone seeking high quality work to him.”

“After having constant pain in my back for over a month, after my massage I was finally able to move around absolutely pain free! The body work Jacob did was spot on, he was able to find the root of my pain and target it to effectively relieve all my pain”

“Jacob is an outstanding therapist. Holistic-minded and caring, he was able to quickly assess and treat the causes of my discomfort and stress, all the while offering valuable information about the muscles and systems involved. I highly recommend him for anyone of any age.”

“I love working with Jacob! I had suffered from neck/shoulder pain for years. Jacob skillfully facilitated my realignment and healing process. Now my headaches are gone, my neck is feeling better, and I have greater freedom in my body. Thank you Jacob!”

“Jacob was very professional and did an excellent job relieving my pain and numbness in my arms. It was a very different style massage than I am use to. He did a lot of stretching while working my muscles. My numbness started to disappear while he worked on me. The next day my back and arms were the most relaxed they had been in years. It has been almost two months since I saw Jacob and I still have feeling in my arms. Thank you Jacob! I will return.”

Jacob is very skillfull and knowledgeable in his field of bodywork. He is gentle and sensitive with his clients needs. His massage room is calm, comfortable, and inviting. I highly recommend him.