Structural Integration & the 10 Session Series

The Structural Integration 10 Session Series is a systematic approach to wellness, pain relief, and alignment based on the work of Ida Rolf, Ph.D and founder of the Rolfing modality. An investment in YOU and your body can result in dramatic, transformative shifts in how you inhabit your body and the world around you.

Benefits of this Tried & True Approach Include:

  • Decreased tension

    Re-aligning your physical structure allows you to relax into the constant flow of the gravitational field.

  • Improved Posture

    Improved, easier posture–feel better in your body–increased range of motion

  • Pain Relief

    Some pain patterns are a result of unnecessary tension due to poor posture and relationship with gravity.

  • Physical Patterns

    Uncover and move through physical holding patterns

Jacob has the healing touch, I can now go for a hike tomorrow, So much released and so much healing, thank you Jacob.

Wow, what a great massage! This is not a foo foo massage. Jacob is very skilled and has a great sense of touch. He can feel the muscles that are tight without having to tell him. He is worth every penny!

Jacob is very calming and attentive, a super nice guy. The massage was excellent. I really like all the stretching and movement. Mobility in my shoulders has been limited and he got my body to move in a relaxed and easy, pain-free way.

Jacob is a dedicated, uniquely skilled, talented bodyworker. I did the 10 Series with Jacob and experienced it to be highly beneficial. Since the Series I have found greater ease, flexibility, improved alignment, body lengthening and a wonderful sense of openness. I have and will continue to recommend Jacob as one of our best practitioners in Eugene, Oregon.