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Motor vehicle accidents can be extremely stressful, involving disrupted work schedules, rental cars, searching for a new vehicle,communicating with insurance companies, accident investigators….not to mention the injuries you may have sustained. The one bright spot may be that massage is covered by car insurance so that you can get the care you need.

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If you have recently been in a car accident it is important to get massage therapy for yourself. The skilled touch of a licensed massage therapist can calm your sympathetic nervous system, decrease muscle tension, and keep your joints moving so that long term problems do not develop. Even if you think the accident was only minor it is still a good idea to seek massage therapy because your nervous system remembers everything and over time what seems like a small injury may compound and become a bigger issue.

5 Benefits of massage after a car accident:

  1. Calms your nervous system
  2. Reduces muscle tension and associated pain/stiffness
  3. Keeps your joints/spinal vertebrae moving 
  4. Avoids long term musculoskeletal complications
  5. Decreases stress and anxiety

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